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Video Tutorials for Fingerstyle Guitar

A collection of videos explaining how to play the original licks, riffs and variations of some fingerstyle guitar classics. Includes many details about how to improvise and embellish the basic tunes, plus a detailed explanation of the techniques involved.

Cannonball Rag - Fingerstyle Tutorial with a full explanation of how to play some of the classic riffs, variations, techniques and how to improvise around the basic concepts.

Spanish Caravan - Fingerstyle Tutorial. This is a complementary video to explain how to play this solo:  https://youtu.be/RpKRGwP7Qvo 

It is a full explanation of how to play some of the classic Doors and Robby Krieger riffs. The whole piece is based on a flamenco improvisation form called 'Granainas' or 'Granadinas'. There are many variations, techniques and you will be taught how to improvise around these basic concepts. 

Dark Eyes - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial. This is an explanation of the solo: https://youtu.be/-07GaAK1XOM and also an explanation of the original Chet Atkins' version. The video also explains how to improvise around the theme and offers many variations on the main theme, plus some techniques and licks from jazz, country, flamenco and fingerstyle versions too. 

Mr. Sandman - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial. This is a note-for-note breakdown of how to play the Chet Atkins' version of the Chordettes' classic. Here we explain some of the possible variations on fingerings and chords and offer solutions to some of the more difficult sections. 

Pink Panther - Fingerstyle Guitar Tutorial. How to play the classic Henri Mancini tune over a fingerstyle bass-line. The video also explains how to play a guitar arrangement of the famous B-section, with explanations about the harmonies involved. 

Happy Birthday melody. How to play a simple, yet very effective version of the most famous melody in the world. To make the piece more convincing, the version is an easy-to-remember movable two-note harmony throughout, originally copied from a Mexican mariachi band!