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Here are some of the transcriptions, sheet music, tabs and explanations from the YouTube video tutorials. In most cases they are the original fingerstyle transcriptions (instead of Miki Pannell's personal variations).

Dark Eyes

Version 1 & 2

Dark Eyes. Version 2.  This is another previous version (audio only) without the jazz arpeggios section and a little bit closer to the Chet Atkins' version. Below is a transcription / tab / sheet music of the Chet version.  


Spanish Caravan - Doors Cover / Traditional

This is a hybrid version featuring sections from the Doors' version mixed with some traditional flamenco music (the music associated with Andalucia, Spain) which was the origin of the piece. The flamenco improvisational form is called 'Granadinas' (sometimes 'Granainas') and originates from - you've guessed it - Granada. Harmonically the song is in B major and uses a the phrygian mode (the flamenco sounding scale). What this means, in simple terms, is that the tune revolves around the chords B, C, D, G and E minor. For simplicity's sake, it's far easier to think of it as a song in the key of E minor and use the related chords mentioned above. I'll post the transcription soon. A complete guide to flamenco technique and harmony will follow shortly.  

Jerry Reed - Jiffy Jam

This bears all the hallmarks of a Jerry Reed classic. It features a swinging, walking bass line, which Reed probably borrowed from 'Halleluja I Love Her So'. The tune - as with most of Jerry's stuff - seems to defy any logic and therefore needs to be learned with a note-for-note classical approach, rather than an improvise-around-positions approach. There are some nice chords that were also used in Reed's 'Drive-In'. My version is basically the one from the Buster B. Jones DVD with identical fingerings. I should imagine that it is fairly close to the original although there are some other interesting versions, like Joe Robinson's on YouTube, that use alternate positions and picking styles. Try messing around with it and see if you can do something original. Jerry never played anything the same twice - why should we?

La Vie En Rose - Chet Atkins style

The solo is basically a copy of the Chet Atkins version, which I've never heard, but I learnt the solo from the excellent John McClellan and Deyan Bratic book 'Chet Atkins In Three Dimentions'. As I hadn't heard the original I did an interpretation of the Bill Simpson Youtube video that seems to follow the book's transcription note-for-note. Also note that I prefer to do it on an electric guitar just to cheese off the purists - my philosophy is take the music and change it around and do something original with it. At least that was the philosophy of all my guitar heroes!


Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown

Here's a quick and sloppy version of the Jerry Reed classic 'Jerry's Breakdown'. Below is the transcript and tab of the original studio recording with the Chet Atkins part included. 

Pink Panther Theme - Henri Mancini

Transcription and comments to follow shortly. Watch this space.

Jerry Reed's 'Swingin' 69'

Note: This is not an easy piece at all and as Jerry used to say, his music often seems unnatural and illogical to play. Memorize it as if it were a piece of classical music. I tried learning various versions of the tune, but in the end decided that the Craig Dobbins version from his Jerry Reed book (out of print now I think) was closest to the original and my version is a note-for-note rendering of Dobbins' score. Check out his stuff - he has excellent materials